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and administrative procedures in France

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With whom do we work?
We provide a support to individuals and corporate clients in all administrative procedures related to immigration and citizenship in France and French consular offices worldwide.

In particular :

  • Company creation in France
  • Recognition of innovative business project - Talent Passport
  • Investors
  • Traders and craftsmen
  • Liberal professions
Work in France

  • Employees (open-ended contract)
  • Temporary employees (fixed-term contract)
  • Posted employees
  • Seasonal workers
Foreign students and trainees

  • Visas and residences permits for students
  • Residences permits for job search or company creation
  • Visas and residence permits for trainees
  • Visas and residence permits "jeune au pair" (babysitters, domestic workers)
Family reunification

  • Spouse of a French citizen
  • PACS with French citizen
  • Parent of a minor French citizen
  • Spouse of a foreigner holding French residence permit
  • Minor child of a foreigner holding a residence permit in France

Foreigners who want to stay in France more than 90 consecutive days and who don't plan to perform any professional activities in France can obtain a visa (residence permit) "visiteur" subject to the availability of housing in France and financial resources to pay living costs during their stay in France. This visa (residence permit) is issued for a period up to 12 months with possibility to renew within the territory of France.

Foreign minors are not required to obtain a residence permit in France. However, free movement the French border requires obtaining a document called DCEM (document de circulation pour étranger mineur). Parents or other legal guardians of a minor can request this document at the prefecture of their place of residence by providing the required documents.
European Union nationals

  • Professional activities in France
  • Education
  • Pensioners
  • Permanent stay in France without performing professional activities
  • Family members of the European Union national
  • Loss or theft of personal documents

  • British nationals residing in France or coming to settle there before 31 December 2021
Other situations

  • Artists
  • Athletes and internationally recognized persons
  • Researchers and scientists
  • Participants in charity projects, volunteers
  • Pensioners and their spouses
  • Visa «vacances-travail»

  • Asylum (refugees, subsidiary protection, stateless persons)
  • Beneficiaries of occupational injury benefits in France
  • Medical assistance in France for minors and adults
  • One-year residency certificate (Algerian nationals)
  • 10 years residency certificate (Algerian nationals)
  • Residency certificates for pensioners and their spouses (Algerian nationals)
Visa D for long stay in France
Staying in France for longer than 90 days requires first obtaining a French visa D. The visa D is acquired via a French consular office or responsible French visa centre in the country of your current permanent residence or nationality.

Nationals of the countries of the European Union and the European Economic Area, Switzerland, Monaco, Andorra, San Marino and The Vatican can stay within the European territory of France without a visa.

Irrespective of your intended duration of stay in France, a visa D can be granted for a period of from 3 to 12 months depending on your plans and the duration of your stay. To stay in France longer than 12 months you'll need to demand a residence permit (titre de séjour) via the prefecture in your place of residence.

French visa D allows you to travel in other countries of the Schengen area for up to 90 days within any 180-day period under the same conditions as with a short stay visa C.

Based on your situation and profile, we'll help you to prepare a quality dossier for obtaining a visa D to France and with going through all of the administrative procedures before and after your arrival in France.
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What do we do?
We accompany our clients when conducting administrative procedures before and after their arrival in France - in OFII, prefectures, when opening a bank account, when obtaining a social security number and «carte vitale», when exchanging a driver's license, company creation, etc.

Our managers are always available to answer your questions
Professional assistance in obtaining short stay, long stay and immigration visas to France. In all consulates of France and visa centres worldwide
Professional assistance in the preparation of a dossier for obtaining a residence permit card «carte de séjour»
Accompaniment and interpretation services at prefectures, OFII and other administrative authorities in France
Professional assistance in the preparation of an application for permanent residency in France (a card valid for 10 years)
Professional assistance in the preparation of a dossier for French citizenship
Obtaining a social security number and «carte vitale»
Appeals against decisions, acts and omissions of consular offices, prefectures and other administrative authorities of France in court and administratively
Search for accommodation to purchase or rent for long and short stays
Providing a full-range of legal expertise for real estate transactions
Creation of commercial and non-commercial organisations in France
We help our clients search and obtain living accommodation in France
Renting property in France

Our office will assist clients in finding a rental property that meets all of their needs. Our assistance is not limited to locating the property. Our knowledgeable agents will help with every step of the process. We will then assist the clients throughout the entire process, from signing a lease to moving in.
    Buying property in France

    Our office will assist clients in finding a property to purchase that meets all of their wants and needs. Our agents are skilled in the local housing market and will help the clients through the selection process, viewing of the property, and signing the contract. Best of all, this is tailored entirely around your scheduled.
      Temporary living accommodations
      If you are not ready or able to rent or purchase a property, we will help you select and book a hotel, hotel apartment or furnished apartment. As with our other services on offer, we will find the residence that fits your needs and your schedule.
      Residence permit when purchasing a property
      in France
      Possession of an owned or rented property in France is one of the prerequisites to obtain some categories of long-term visas and residence permits in France.

      Based on your situation and profile, we'll choose the optimal type of French visa or residence permit for you.
      How much do our services cost?
      If you need assistance we offer for you to book a 30-minutes verbal consultation in which we'll examine your situation, answer your questions and come up with an action plan.

      The cost of the consultation is 150 euros TVA inclusive.

      If you are interested please fill the questionnaire. After receiving your request we'll send you an invoice to pay using your chosen method of payment. We'll propose time slots for the consultation once payment is received.

      We provide consultations by phone or Zoom.

      • After the consultation you will know:
      • major requirements to ensure a positive decision in your situation
      • how we can help you
      • action plan for your situation
      • estimated processing time of you case
      • our fees and other expenses for the entire procedure
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      How do we work?
      We work online with clients from all over the world and the entire territory of France subject to the availability of voice communications (telephone or Zoom) and availability to exchange scanned copies or photos of documents via Internet.
      Procedure of obtaining a long stay visa D or
      a residence permit in France
      Booking an appointment at a French consular office or an authorised visa center or a prefecture in France.

      If you don't hold a French residence permit yet you should initially obtain the appropriate visa D for France while in the country of your citizenship or your permanent residence.

      If you already hold a residence permit in France, you should apply at the prefecture of your place of residence in France.
      Filing the documents in a French consular office or an authorised visa center or a prefecture in France.

      Processing time of your file will depend on the reason for obtaining a visa (residence permit) and can vary from several weeks to several months.
      If you file your documents via a prefecture in France, in case the application is approved, you'll get a card titled "carte de séjour" indicating the period of validity and rights to work or perform professional activities in France.
      If you file your visa application with a consular office of France abroad (or an authorised visa center) and your application is approved you'll initially get a visa D to enter France. After that you'll have to apply to the French prefecture of your place of residence for the "carte de séjour" or in the case of VLS-TS visa D, validate your visa online and in some cases pass a medical examination.

      Processing time of issuing a "carte de séjour" in France may take several months.
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